Ensure Proper Care for Fish Your Tank

Have you already experience one day looking at your tank and seeing your fish sick? It is such a bad feeling and gives off a sense of urgency especially if you are a newbie in the hobby and does not know that to do. Thinking that a sick fish can harm other fish and make them sick is the worst. Stay calm because we will tackle some of the most common treatments for these diseases in your fish tank.


A common parasite attack is what you call an Ich or White Spot. This is so called because a symptom of this is that fish will get little white spots in them. This is primarily due to poor water quality and if the fish is stressed out. Like any other disease, you can easily treat this, just be vigilant on symptoms and keep the water clean.


Are you noticing any grayish color, cotton like thing sticking on the gills or skin of your fish? This is most likely may have been a fungal infection. This is due to decaying matters inside your fish tank. It can be easily cured with simple medications which you can buy at your local fish stores. Just make sure next time to regularly clean the water inside your tank.


Fish tank maintenance and repair is a responsibility which needs to be taken seriously in order to ensure the health and long life span of the fish living in it. In case of the fish tank repair and maintenance contact Appliance repair Hempstead NY for the best services.



Some tips on treating your aquariums with any medication:

1. It is very important to read and follow the instructions on the labels of the medicines.
2. It is best to quarantine the affected fish on a separate tank to lessen the spread of the disease.
3. To improve water quality, it is ideal to replace at least 30 to 40 percent of the water in the tank.
4. Always use water treatments to remove any chlorine especially if you are using tap water.
5. A smart tip is to remove the carbon first in your filtration device because this can absorb the medication that you added in the tank.

Always remember that like any other disease or sickness, prevention is better than cure. Regularly check the conditions of the water inside the tank. Do not just admire the beauty of the fish; also check any irregularities with them. There you have it. I hope this helps and that your fish tank and fish are all well.

Importance of cleaning your aquarium

It is very relaxing and enjoyable to own an aquarium. However, when the glass begins to get dirty, that is when the joy ends. Many people avoid keeping the pets because of all the hassle they have to do when cleaning. They think that it takes hours or even a day but that is not the case.

Taking care of your fish should not only include feeding or checking the water temperature. Keeping it clean is one of the most important factors of having healthy and happy fish. Here is why:


Healthy fish

– Like any other pet, fish also grow and develop healthier when their environment is clean. They are likely to get diseases or even die when their environment is not clean enough. Showing some love to these amazing creatures by cleaning the aquarium will go a long way. The joy of seeing their swimming activities and comfort is unimaginable.


Prevents accidents

– Just like the windshield of your car needs cleaning, the fish glass does as well. Dirt or sand on your windshield can prevent you from driving properly. You won’t see clearly. Just like your car’s windshield is sparkling, so should the fish glass. Product build-up or dust will prevent the pets from swimming freely thus injuring each other. They could also develop stress and that is not a good thing.


Expel insects

– Each time you fuel your car, you wash your windshield as well. This is to prevent anything like insects or even grime from sticking on it. This also applies on the aquarium. When not properly cleaned, harmful objects or insects could enter the tank and affect the health of your pet. Cleaning also helps in inspecting and removing the harmful products on time.





– Having the above points in mind, you should note that it is not a must to clean weekly. Do so only when the water is cloudy or when there is a foul smell. To avoid pollution, regulate the amount of food you give the fish. Too much of it will lead to waste increase thus you will have to clean more often.

– Factors like the several fish, the tank size and filtration system will affect the several times you will clean the fish glass. Example, the amount of food particles or waste produced by two of them will differ from four of them thus regular cleaning. The larger the tank size, the lesser the maintenance.

Aquarium Filtration

Aquarium filters play an extremely important role in maintaining a proper environment in your fish tank. They remove toxins and chemicals from the water.

There are three types of filtration that a proper filter will provide, and all are necessary to keep your tank and the fish healthy. The types are chemical, mechanical, and biological filtration. Most filters that are on the market today will perform all three types of filtration. As far as the actual types of filters, there are several different types and styles. There are biowheel filters, internal, sponge filters, diatom, and wet/dry filters.

Aquarium filters also come as canister filters, undergravel filters, and power filters. Undergravel filters have somewhat of a bad reputation for not working very well. However, if you use them with a powerhead performance of the undergravel filter will be improved. Choosing the appropriate filter for you aquarium is very important. Choosing the wrong one can lead to an unhealthy. If you have too small of a filter chemicals and toxins that need to be removed will not be removed as well as they should. This will leave you with a tank that as an improper environment which in turn could lead to dead fish.

An aquarium filter provides a place for two bacteria types to grow which will establish a healthy biological filter. These bacteria are important for their ability to break down the chemicals that fish produce through their waste. Fish waste produces a chemical called ammonia, which is very toxic to fish, these bacteria break down this toxin into nitrites. Nitrites are also very toxic to fish, another bacteria breaks down nitrites into a less toxic chemical called nitrates. Aquarium filters reduce harmful toxins and can help maintain excellent water in aquariums, but it’s still essential to clean your aquarium and to change some of the water twice each week.

Slime growth and stressed out fish are a result of improper filtration. Aquarium filters also assist in less algae build up in tanks. Doing your research on the proper size and kind of filter that you will need will help to ensure the health condition of your tank as well as your fish. With the right type of tank filtration your fish should live a long happy life.

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Why you must have aquarium filtration solution in place.

Keeping a habitable surrounding is essential for any living being. If you own an aquarium or are planning to own one without giving a thought about filtration, think about it again. Unlike natural water bodies which are the natural habitat for fishes, the aquariums are much smaller in size. Due to this there is regular accumulation of debris and build-up of toxic ammonia and nitrates in water surrounding the fishes making it difficult for them to breathe properly and in worst cases leading to their death. Then also there is a need for pest control in the aquarium as over the course of time unwanted pests start growing in the surrounding.

Traditional pest control measures include cleaning of the water manually at regular intervals or spraying chemicals in the water but that isn’t enough. Also there is the cumbersome task to removing the fishes out of the tank and putting them back again. Removing the fish can be traumatizing to the fish as well as yourself. What’s required is proper aquarium filtration solutions. These solutions ensure that the water inside the aquarium is replenished regularly and the toxic levels within the aquarium is controlled.

There are broadly two ways of types of filtration – mechanical and chemical/biological. Mechanical filters ensure that the water is filtered by trapping the waste material on an on-going basis so that the fishes are not affected. Whereas the biological/chemical filtration solutions can be used to break down the toxic ammonia and nitrates and reduce their concentration in the aquarium. There are various brands available in the market and which one you chose depends upon the type of fishes and water that you keep (tropical, freshwater/saltwater etc.). A good thing to do is to take services from pest control companies. There are various pest control solution providers in areas around plainfield NJ. Fresh water fish aquariums (www.freshwaterfishaquariums.org) is one such organization which provides pest control and aquarium filtration solutions among a host of other services.

Filtration is one of the most important aspects of keeping maintaining the habitat of fishes. Aquarium aficionados must not ignore it, for there is nothing better than seeing happy fishes swimming in the water when you return back from work.


Reasons Why You Have To Maintain Your Fish Tank

After acquiring a fish tank and setting it up, it is very essential for you to ensure to always maintain your fish tank. There are many reasons why you should maintain your fish tank, and you should ensure to do so as it, is necessary for your fish to have a long live span.

Here are some reasons why you should maintain your fish tank.

If you have never owned a fish tank before and you intend to own one, and to those who already own one, they should have in mind that the most essential part of having a fish tank is the maintenance part of it. One essential point is “cycling”, it refers to the nitrogen cycle in the home aquarium. Bacteria break down accumulated waste, therefore converting toxins, like ammonia into toxins like nitrite and nitrate, which are not really harmful. But ammonia is very toxic to aquarium fish; it will be advisable for you to establish nitrogen cycle in your tank. If you do not take this instruction serious and follow it your fish could become sick and eventually die. Nitrogen cycle is one of the most important fish tank maintenance, which entails every fish tank owner to always carry out.

Good aquarium maintenance practices will lead to a healthy environment and ensure your fish stay alive. Another key part in aquarium maintenance is for you to always ensure to change the water in the fish tank. Usually you should change the water of your fish tank every two weeks, you can replace the water extracted and this will ensure your fish stays out of any harm or disease. You should note that water change, is also important to replenish electrolytes and other important elements in the water which the fish need for good health.

It is very essential to keep your aquarium clean, including the water all of the dead spaces where water usually does flow freely, filters, gravel, algae around the leaves and plants. You need to use good quality suction, siphon device to vacuum the gravel in order to eliminate uneaten foods and other residues that settle on the substrate. You should ensure to clean this dirty areas, where water does not flow there frequently, because dirt will be a danger to your fish`s health and may cause harm to it.

Algae is another thing, you should ensure to get rid of in your fish tank because, it can cause damages like, growing on filter intake and outtake fittings reducing filtration, reduces the amount of light that enters the tank, therefore reduces light that goes to the plant, can alter the pH level in your tank and can grow on powder heads reducing flow. Some of these algaecide will reduce the oxygen content in your tank which can adversely affect your fish. Although it is necessary to kill algae in your tank you should also note that, Some algae`s are beneficial to your tank and you should not completely get rid of it, but try to minimize the growth of it in your fish tank. You can also get some information from freshwaterfishaquariums.org.


Great video on how to clean your tank from you tube

Why testing you fish water is important.

One important thing that a man is setting up an aquarium must not ignore is aquarium water testing. When you have masterminded the style in your aquarium and place water in, don’t promptly include the fish yet rather, let the water stand for a few days to give the water a chance to settle. Useful bacteria in an item like freshwaterfishaquariums.org will help you to accelerate the nitrogen cycle. You can screen this cycle daily with water quality tests, and include the fish a couple at once. Toward the begin of the cycle, you will see a spike in the ammonia level. This will be trailed by a nitrite spike when the helpful bacteria change over the ammonia into nitrites.

After including the fish, screen the water science daily for an initial couple of weeks. You can shift to week by week testing if all demonstrates well in your aquarium by desert window creations. Testing should be possible in aquarium supply stores yet for your benefit; you can simply purchase a water test unit and do the testing yourself.

After going by the aquarium supply store, you’ll see a wide assortment of testing packs. Which one would it be a good idea for you to pick? Essential packs are six-in-one strips. Dip the strip in your aquarium water, hold up a couple of minutes and think about the different hues that appear with a convenient aide incorporated into the pack. These units test pH, water hardness, ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, and different pointers of water quality.

The fundamental packs are helpful, however, have a few drawbacks. They are cheaper, however, are not exceptionally dependable as to PaverswoodbridgeNJ. You can run rather with more perplexing testing, which includes a test tube. Add additionally a thermometer to your testing supplies so you can test the water temperature.

The consequences of these aquarium water tests substantially affect the health of your fish. The best way to guarantee that the water stays healthy is to test it regularly and add items to alter it as required.

The perfect pH level of your tank is 6 or 7. pH level is not effectively balanced. Much of the time, fish can endure a wide level of pH, so it’s more secure to leave the level as it may be. You can, if you wish, include chemicals. However, that regularly causes a greater number of issues than it comprehends. A more typical (yet much slower) approach would be to include some lime rock or seashells to build the soluble in your water. On the other hand, if you need it more acidic, simply include some driftwood or peat.

High ammonia levels are poisonous to fish. Nitrite levels as well should be kept as near zero as could be allowed. What will diminish both will be partial changes of water. A less demanding route is to include helpful bacteria. Nitrites will be changed over to the less unsafe nitrates by the advantageous bacteria.