Reasons Why You Have To Maintain Your Fish Tank

After acquiring a fish tank and setting it up, it is very essential for you to ensure to always maintain your fish tank. There are many reasons why you should maintain your fish tank, and you should ensure to do so as it, is necessary for your fish to have a long live span.

Here are some reasons why you should maintain your fish tank.

If you have never owned a fish tank before and you intend to own one, and to those who already own one, they should have in mind that the most essential part of having a fish tank is the maintenance part of it. One essential point is “cycling”, it refers to the nitrogen cycle in the home aquarium. Bacteria break down accumulated waste, therefore converting toxins, like ammonia into toxins like nitrite and nitrate, which are not really harmful. But ammonia is very toxic to aquarium fish; it will be advisable for you to establish nitrogen cycle in your tank. If you do not take this instruction serious and follow it your fish could become sick and eventually die. Nitrogen cycle is one of the most important fish tank maintenance, which entails every fish tank owner to always carry out.

Good aquarium maintenance practices will lead to a healthy environment and ensure your fish stay alive. Another key part in aquarium maintenance is for you to always ensure to change the water in the fish tank. Usually you should change the water of your fish tank every two weeks, you can replace the water extracted and this will ensure your fish stays out of any harm or disease. You should note that water change, is also important to replenish electrolytes and other important elements in the water which the fish need for good health.

It is very essential to keep your aquarium clean, including the water all of the dead spaces where water usually does flow freely, filters, gravel, algae around the leaves and plants. You need to use good quality suction, siphon device to vacuum the gravel in order to eliminate uneaten foods and other residues that settle on the substrate. You should ensure to clean this dirty areas, where water does not flow there frequently, because dirt will be a danger to your fish`s health and may cause harm to it.

Algae is another thing, you should ensure to get rid of in your fish tank because, it can cause damages like, growing on filter intake and outtake fittings reducing filtration, reduces the amount of light that enters the tank, therefore reduces light that goes to the plant, can alter the pH level in your tank and can grow on powder heads reducing flow. Some of these algaecide will reduce the oxygen content in your tank which can adversely affect your fish. Although it is necessary to kill algae in your tank you should also note that, Some algae`s are beneficial to your tank and you should not completely get rid of it, but try to minimize the growth of it in your fish tank. You can also get some information from

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