Aquarium Filtration

Aquarium filters play an extremely important role in maintaining a proper environment in your fish tank. They remove toxins and chemicals from the water.

There are three types of filtration that a proper filter will provide, and all are necessary to keep your tank and the fish healthy. The types are chemical, mechanical, and biological filtration. Most filters that are on the market today will perform all three types of filtration. As far as the actual types of filters, there are several different types and styles. There are biowheel filters, internal, sponge filters, diatom, and wet/dry filters.

Aquarium filters also come as canister filters, undergravel filters, and power filters. Undergravel filters have somewhat of a bad reputation for not working very well. However, if you use them with a powerhead performance of the undergravel filter will be improved. Choosing the appropriate filter for you aquarium is very important. Choosing the wrong one can lead to an unhealthy. If you have too small of a filter chemicals and toxins that need to be removed will not be removed as well as they should. This will leave you with a tank that as an improper environment which in turn could lead to dead fish.

An aquarium filter provides a place for two bacteria types to grow which will establish a healthy biological filter. These bacteria are important for their ability to break down the chemicals that fish produce through their waste. Fish waste produces a chemical called ammonia, which is very toxic to fish, these bacteria break down this toxin into nitrites. Nitrites are also very toxic to fish, another bacteria breaks down nitrites into a less toxic chemical called nitrates. Aquarium filters reduce harmful toxins and can help maintain excellent water in aquariums, but it’s still essential to clean your aquarium and to change some of the water twice each week.

Slime growth and stressed out fish are a result of improper filtration. Aquarium filters also assist in less algae build up in tanks. Doing your research on the proper size and kind of filter that you will need will help to ensure the health condition of your tank as well as your fish. With the right type of tank filtration your fish should live a long happy life.

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