Importance of cleaning your aquarium

It is very relaxing and enjoyable to own an aquarium. However, when the glass begins to get dirty, that is when the joy ends. Many people avoid keeping the pets because of all the hassle they have to do when cleaning. They think that it takes hours or even a day but that is not the case.

Taking care of your fish should not only include feeding or checking the water temperature. Keeping it clean is one of the most important factors of having healthy and happy fish. Here is why:


Healthy fish

– Like any other pet, fish also grow and develop healthier when their environment is clean. They are likely to get diseases or even die when their environment is not clean enough. Showing some love to these amazing creatures by cleaning the aquarium will go a long way. The joy of seeing their swimming activities and comfort is unimaginable.


Prevents accidents

– Just like the windshield of your car needs cleaning, the fish glass does as well. Dirt or sand on your windshield can prevent you from driving properly. You won’t see clearly. Just like your car’s windshield is sparkling, so should the fish glass. Product build-up or dust will prevent the pets from swimming freely thus injuring each other. They could also develop stress and that is not a good thing.


Expel insects

– Each time you fuel your car, you wash your windshield as well. This is to prevent anything like insects or even grime from sticking on it. This also applies on the aquarium. When not properly cleaned, harmful objects or insects could enter the tank and affect the health of your pet. Cleaning also helps in inspecting and removing the harmful products on time.





– Having the above points in mind, you should note that it is not a must to clean weekly. Do so only when the water is cloudy or when there is a foul smell. To avoid pollution, regulate the amount of food you give the fish. Too much of it will lead to waste increase thus you will have to clean more often.

– Factors like the several fish, the tank size and filtration system will affect the several times you will clean the fish glass. Example, the amount of food particles or waste produced by two of them will differ from four of them thus regular cleaning. The larger the tank size, the lesser the maintenance.